Co-founder Mindy Eastman was born and raised in Concord, CA and although she is from the bay area this is not where she first fell in love with craft beer. Mindy fell in love when she got a job working the tasting bar at Ballast Point Brewing Co. She loved the craft, the vast variety of styles of beer she never knew about, the culture, and the buzzin beer enthusiasts that came in to visit the tasting room everyday.

One afternoon a tourist came to the tasting room, he wasn’t drunk but definitely on his way and they got to talking. He told her that he had drove to several different breweries that day; he was a little displeased because half of them were closed to the public, and the other half were hard to find. Mindy had heard about the popular winery tours of Temecula and Napa and thought there should also be brewery tours. Beer enthusiasts like tasting, sober drivers for hire, and learning about their passion too. Jon, her boyfriend at the time agreed and they decided to go into business together as one of the first brewery tour companies in San Diego.

It has been over 8 years since their first brewery tour and they still love it. Mindy wanted to share this love with her home town, family and friends…so she moved back to the bay to launch Bay Area Brewery Tours.