Is it just my group on the vehicle?

Yes, with a Private Tour the vehicle is reserved for just your group.

Am I able to choose the breweries we visit?

Yes, with a Private Tour we visit the breweries of your choice. However the package hours includes drive time. Therefore hours of package will depend on breweries selected. There are other aspects to consider as well, like operating hours of the breweries, food package availability, facility tour options, ETC. We will let you know if something won’t work and recommend options that will.

What type of food is included if we do a "with food" package?

Some of the breweries we work with offer food packages. Every brewery offers something different. Most offer a limited menu from their regular menu. Each person is able to pick one menu item off this select menu. Since every brewery is different, when booking please ask for additional information on your customized itinerary.

If I choose "no food" package, can my group buy food at the breweries?

Yes and no. If food is available (not all breweries have kitchens, food trucks, ETC.) yes you may order it on your own tab. We recommend ordering from the bar or food truck when the group first arrives to the brewery. If you do not include food we do not make time for food and therefore are not responsible for food ordered that takes longer than expected. You may be required to get your food to go or will lose time at another brewery if you spend extra time getting food at another brewery.

How much beer is included?

Although the size and amount does vary depending on the breweries that you visit, we normally include 3-5 4-6oz tasters per person per brewery.

Are there specific start times for Private Tours?

We offer day and night tours 7 days a week. We are more strict on start times on Fridays & Saturdays, and we are pretty flexible with start times Sunday – Thursdays.

How far out should I make a reservation?

We run on a first come first serve basis. Saturdays are our busiest days, and although we do sometimes have last minute availability, we normally start to lose a lot of time slots around a month out on Saturdays and Holidays. We normally recommend a few weeks for other days of the week, but can set up a tour the same day if we have anything available.

What is needed to make a reservation for a Private Tour?

We require a nonrefundable $300 security deposit for groups of 22 persons or less. For groups of 23 plus the deposit varies but is typically 50% the total cost plus a $300 security deposit to book.

Can you bring your own food?

Yes. Some breweries allow groups to bring their own food. Usually the breweries that do not have their own kitchens. Also you may bring food on the vehicles. If you are bringing food on, all we ask is that you leave the vehicle in a similar condition as boarded. Your tour guide can provide trash bags on request to make this an easy process.